5 Simple methods to treat your pimples painlessly

Well, getting pimples is quite normal, there are many skin conditions that we face almost every day, but getting pimples is embarrassing as well as painful. Before we discuss about methods to get rid of pimples, let us understand the physiology behind the pimples. Most of us know pimples as an outcome of skin irritation, which is caused due to glands that produce oils in our skin. Sometimes these glands become irritating, which results in producing excess oil and thereby leads to saturation of oil glands. The excess oil produced easily traps bacteria resulting in infection and production of pus. This causes the raised are on our skin.

Most people think that vigorous scrubbing, harsh chemicals, laser treatments, skin peels are best way to treat skin pimples, sometimes these methods aggravate your problem making it worse. So to avoid these methods, here are some natural methods that can help you cure pimples painlessly and quickly


If a pimple that hasn’t yet come up on the skin as an eruption filled with pus, ice can be helpful in reducing swelling and activate oil glands to contract and push the excess oil and bacteria  out from the glands that are irritated. Take a piece of cloth and wrap the ice in it and place it on the affected are for a couple of seconds. Wait for a couple of minutes and repeat the same process. Application of ice several times a day can help the pimple vanish in 1-2 days.


Using a sterile and clean cotton swab, apply some lemon juice to the areas that are affected before going to bed.


Honey is known to be natural antiseptic and helps destroying bacteria present in oil glands. Use a sterile and clean cotton application (tipped) and slowly dab the honey onto skin blemishes directly. Leave it for half an hour before you rinse it using warm water.


Toothpaste is an amazing pimple treatment that is readily available to most people while shopping in grocery store. Toothpaste is used is used after using ice to get better and faster results. Remember to use white paste instead of using gel. Dab white toothpaste to your affected areas on the skin before going to sleep, keep it overnight and then rinse the next morning.

If you are not going out somewhere, you can repeat the same process in daytime and make sure the toothpaste is left in contact with pimples for half an hour to see best results.


Steam has its own wonderful benefits for your skin. It helps open up skin pores and flush out toxins. This works great for all skin types. First use hot water to fill a pot and position the face in such a way that it gets the rising steam. Make sure that your face doesn’t get in direct contact with hot water. After half an hour makes your face pat dry and apply moisturizer that is oil free on your entire face.

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