13 Best Herbs that can help you lose weight naturally

Weight loss is a much talked about topic among most of us and losing weight is not just the only concern, but losing those extra pounds safely is another point that needs to be considered. Earlier people were just bothered about losing weight anyhow, but looking at the side effects and temporary results that many diets yield, people are more conscious about losing weight naturally as the results are amazing and there are no side effects too. Well, when it comes to losing weight naturally, herbs can be considered as the best and effective method of losing weight and including the following herbs in your diet to lose weight. Let us look at those herbs and how they help in losing weight


Cinnamon is known to be the best herb as it helps regulating levels of blood sugar for a longer period and in turn helps in decreasing hunger pangs and fats get metabolized at a faster rate.


Ginger is known to be the best body cleanser. Ginger is quite helpful in removing the food stuck in your digestive system and therefore prevents storage of excess fats and weight gain.


This spice has a lot of properties that aid weight loss. It also prevents the fat tissue formation and thus lowers total amount of body fat in order to prevent weight gain.

Acai Berry

Juice of Acai Berry or dried powder can enhance weight loss ability very effectively. They prevent building up body fat and contain a plenty of antioxidant properties that provides energy.

Nettle leaf

The nettle lead is very nutritive and is full of antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin A, C and help burning fat and promotes blood purification.


It has diuretic properties and helps losing weight effectively. It help stimulates your nervous system in order to prevent your cravings for food or emotional eating under tension or stress.

Cayenne pepper

This spice contains a particular compound known as capsaicin which suppresses your hunger cravings and helps in burning fats. A study says cayenne is very effective in weight loss as it helps increasing the metabolism of your body, which makes body burn lot calories.


Cumin improves your digestive system and energy production. It also helps enhancing your immune system.


Ginseng boosts energy levels in our body and enhances metabolic rate.

Black Pepper

This spice is a common-used and popular spice. This spice contains a compound known as piperine. The compound boosts your metabolism. Black pepper is also known for burning fats faster and enhancing immune system.


The flower aids body cleansing and slows down the digestion. Dandelion also helps in making you feel full for a prolonged period and contains healthy nutritional content too. This flower can certainly help you fit into your old clothes

Flax Seeds

These seed act like a bulking agent and make you feel full and thus prevent problems like overeating and in turn helps you lose weight.

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