IVF and Acupuncture can help you conceive

If as a couple you are struggling to have a child or conceive and need help to get successful pregnancy, you might consider some alternative therapies available today. The popular one is combination of IVF and acupuncture. Well the confusion about the information that you get from others about alternative therapies like herbal supplements, yoga, group therapy and acupuncture differ. Some people believe that alternative therapies alone don’t work and help you enhance your fertility whereas others say alternative therapies are a complete solution to have a baby.

Well, adding acupuncture as alternative therapy to your IVF treatment can help you improve the reproductive health and the success rate of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy are higher. Well, some studies say that acupuncture alone cannot help your body improve pregnancy rates and some other studies say if IVF treatment is combined with acupuncture can certainly increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy. Well, we cannot say that acupuncture is going to do some magic, but of course is a therapy that you should try.

It also depends on couple’s choice if they want to opt for acupuncture as an alternative therapy to their IVF treatment or not. The results collected depend on the pregnancy rates after the procedure is conducted. Studies say that couples having severe problems of infertility choose Acupuncture themselves.

Scientist who do not agree as whether Acupuncture works or not during IVF treatment, not even think about how acupuncture works. Those who opt for Acupuncture believe that it helps relieving stress and it is a fact that women who are under less stress have higher chances of getting pregnant. Some expert Acupuncturists also say that this therapy helps balance your hormones, which is a valid point when it comes to boosting up fertility rates. Also they say that Acupuncture methods increases the flow of blood to the uterus, which helps thickening of wall and make it more receptive for new embryo.

There are many evidences available that show that Acupuncture works  for a lot of couples who are trying to have a child.besides this, it is affordable and safe therapy that every couple can afford to try. You can try Acupuncture if you are undergoing IVF treatment to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Also studies show that the miscarriage rate in couple who go for Acupuncture has reduced to 8% whereas the non-acupuncture group had 20% rate of miscarriage and the rate of pregnancy in groups who opted for acupuncture is 24%. If you want to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you can try Acupuncture which will help you a lot. Many couples who had failed tries of IVF only and they lose hopes should definitely combine their next IVF treatment with Acupuncture in order to get best results. It is a dream for every couple to have a child and safe alternative therapies like Acupuncture can help you to live your dreams, so go for it and it is certainly going to help you.

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