Botox is used as a muscle relaxant too

When we say Botox, people think about Botox as only beautifying and anti aging treatments. It is trade name given to botulinum toxin A, whose function is more than what it is used for in cosmetics. It is basically a neurotoxin that is produced by clostridium botulinum. All other neurotoxins that are produced by this particular bacterium and this causes food poisoning.

Paralysis which can be fatal at times is the symptom of food poisoning which occurs due to neurotoxins. Botulinum toxin A is used in medications that help treating different ailments that require muscle relaxant doses. In ancient times, patients suffering from cervical dystonia, strabismus, blepharospasms and other medical conditions like muscle contractions benefited from right dosage of this particular substance.

When the doctor injects this toxin into a specific muscle, it needs to be done correctly to reduce the risk of spreading the toxin in other body parts. It helps in stopping the contraction of muscles almost till 8 months.

In treatments related to cosmetic industry, this toxin was found to be effective in providing treatment for anti aging and now the toxin is injected to eradicate wrinkles and fine lines from neck and face. Some facial problems like crow’s feet or frown lines can be eliminated easily using this treatment.

Botox is helpful as muscle relaxant. It is the protein that helps blocking the acetylcholine production, the hormone which informs the nerve endings to begin muscle movement. Botox acts as a muscle relaxant and is the correct solution used to stop muscles spasms around eyes and face and also treats muscle spasms that are severe in shoulder and neck muscles in cervical dystonia, which often results in abnormal posture of neck and causes neck pain.

Botox is effective in relieving pain related to muscles and improve the muscle movement. A lot of people experienced relief from pain using Botox. Botox injections are used for

  • Myofascial pain
  • Muscle pain that results from muscle spasms(chronic)
  • Neck pain that occurs in your cervical dystonia
  • Migraine headaches
  • Nerve disorders that causes blepharospasm

There are some minor side effects seen when Botox injections are used for treating muscle pain like tenderness, swelling or pain in injected area which lasts for one or two days. Some people may experience the symptoms of flu for a couple of days after injected. Botox provides muscle relaxation and in some people there is a sign of weakness is seen in muscles that are treated. Very rare cases are registered for death, which was as a result of respiratory reason especially in children who got heavy doses of Botox for providing muscle spasticity.

So Botox is not just beauty treatment method but it also treats muscle pain. You can also opt for Botox treatments to get rid of muscle pain after discussing with your doctor. The side effects related to Botox are minor and the results are really and when the pain it treated, patients feel more relaxed and happy.

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