Acne can be treated through Alternative treatments

Acne treatments especially alternative treatments for acne are gaining popularity and are sold all time by online pharmacies. A lot of people suffer from acne and thus the treatments available for getting rid of acne are in plenty. We need to pick understand the right treatment and pick up the right one for ourselves.

Why alternative treatment for acne is appealing

Acne is just not a condition that occurs on skin surface but it actually occurs when our skin pores get clogged due to the oil produced by our skin. These skin pores help your skin execute both respiratory and excretory functions properly. Without the skin pores, bacteria settles along with the toxins easily. The combination accelerates dead cell accumulation around your skin that also can be painful and irritating.

The basic problem with conventional treatments is that they are available in the form of oils, lotions, ointments that treats only skin surface. When you tend to apply more oily substances to your skin which is already clogged it can worse the problem. The best thing that these treatments achieve is to give you scar free skin while the bacterial action still going on under your skin to create more scars.

The alternative treatment given for acne actually target the root cause that is bacteria that causes the problem and eliminate acne right from its root. Advantages of alternative treatments for acne are

  1. Less expensive
  2. Easily available for everyone
  3. Its treats the root cause and not just the skin surface
  4. It also improves overall health and not just acne
  5. No side effects.

Some examples of alternative treatment for acne are

Vitamin and mineral supplementation

Acne basically originates from the deficiency of essential vitamins that promotes growth, functionality and maintenance of your skin. Acne results when you have deficient levels of Vitamin E, A and Pantothenic acid in your body.

To prevent acne you need to increase the intake of vegetables and fruits to give your body essential nutrients. Even vitamins supplements are very important and help in curing acne.

Light treatment

Another alternative treatment for acne is use of light. This method makes the use of UV rays to remove the accumulation of acne. This method needs proper guidance of a professional dermatologist.

Herbal extracts or herbs

In teenage girls, acne causes as result of imbalance in levels of hormones. This is basically treated using herbs such as black cohosh, red clover, dong quai, wild yam, chaste berry and evening primrose.

Topical treatments

Some of the topical treatments used are tea tree and seaweed oil. They are crucial in acne treatment and treat inflammation.

Psychological well being

Acne experts say that controlling depression, stress, anxiety and other psychological strains can also help in reducing acne. You can try some of the below listed measures to reduce acne

  • Aromatherapy
  • Regular exercise
  • Relieve stress through various activities like walking
  • Meditation
  • Yoga sessions

Many people adopt alternative treatments over conventional treatment for treating acne because of the side effects associated to conventional treatments.

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