What should I know before taking Flexeril?

Before taking any medicine you should know how well it will work for you and what are the side effects related to the medicine. Also consult your doctor before you finalize your decision and things to be considered before taking medicine are


Speak to your doctor if  you had allergic reaction to other medicines or this medicines. Also discuss with your doctor if you have any other allergies like animals, foods, dyes or preservatives. For all other non-prescription drugs read the ingredients mentioned on the package or label very carefully.


Studies aren’t done on this medicine or there is no information recorded for its usage in children.


Studies aren’t conducted on a lot of medicines especially to be used for older people. That is the reason why it is not known whether it will show the same effect as it does in younger people or whether they will lead to any side effect in case of older people. Similarly there is no specific information available for the use of Flexeril in older people.

Because of the fact that there can be increased blood levels in senior citizens than younger adults, use of Flexeril capsules isn’t recommended for elderly people.

Breast Feeding

There are not enough studies that determine the complications of using Flexeril while breastfeeding so it is better to consult your doctor and look at the risks associated with the medication.

Drug Interactions

Although there are a lot of serious side effects associated to consumption of medicines together, in some other cases two medicines are used together inspite of its interactions that occur. In such cases you health provider might suggest change in dose or ask you to take necessary precautions. While taking this medication, it is very important for your doctor to know if you are also taking any other medication. Looking at the interactions your doctor might suggest you some other medicines.

Other Interactions

There are other types of interactions associated with such medications like these medicines should be avoided while having food or eating in combination with certain food types as this can cause interactions as well.

The medication should not be used with alcohol or tobacco as this can lead to complications, and if this happens in some unavoidable situations, speak to your doctor as he/she might change your dose to minimize the effect of the medication.

Some other medical problems also effect the use of this medication and make sure you discuss with your doctor about your medical problems like Glaucoma or problems in urinating as Flexeril makes the condition worse, heart disease or blood vessel disease,  overactive thyroid as it can increase the risk of side effects and liver disease as increased blood levels in turn increase the chances of related side effects.

Knowing about any medication and its side effects is must and also do not ignore your existing medical condition so that you know better if the medication suits you. Again your doctor is the right person to decide.

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  1. have u done “what u should know b4 taking Ativan?” I was misinformed that it was just 2relax 4 MRI but it’s MORE than that.

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