Alternative treatment options to treat Bursitis Pain

Bursitis occurs due to inflammation caused because of bursae, the sacs filled with fluids and aid cushioning the joints. This condition occurs due to arthritis, infection or overloaded (repetitive use) joints. The common joints that get affected the most are shoulder, knees, hips and elbows.

To reduce pain and swelling, there are plenty of prescription medicines available in the market, still many people are switching to alternative treatments to get rid of bursitis pain. Let us have a look at some alternative treatment options that can help bursitis pain sufferers to get relief from pain.

Acupuncture Treatment

Chinese have been using acupuncture since past many years in order to relieve pain. It is also used to restore joint function and eradicate joint pain in bursitis pain sufferers. An acupuncturist goes through your complete history to find out the bursitis symptoms and thoroughly understand individual’s overall health. They insert tiny needles at specific parts of your body. The needles distribute energy and get it back to almost normal level. These points are aroused with the help of needles, pressure, electrical current, cold and heat.

Chinese herbs are also used along with acupuncture in joint therapy.

Bodywork treatment

Bodywork is a type of treatment given Swedish massage using rhythmic and flowing strokes that are directed towards your heart. There are various forms of bodywork useful in treating bursitis sufferers and joint pain (chronic). These therapies don’t cure the condition, but they help ease the pain.

The imbalances of our body’s energy levels are corrected using the application of kinesiology to the muscles. The Feldenkrais is a method using specific movements to teach body the way to function. Reflexology is used to apply pressure to specific reflex points on hands and feet to aid body heal on its own. Rolfing works on manipulating connective tissue and muscles to help body in realignment within gravitational field.

Make sure that the practitioner conducting any of the therapies mentioned above should be trained and ensure that you get the right treatment to reduce chronic joint pain.

Chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic treatment is proved to yield promising results for bursitis affected joints and hip treatment. By performing manipulations and adjustments with the help of hands, a chiropractor performs treatment on the injured joint and the whole body as well. The treatment is helpful in unlocking the nerve interference, which might occur due to misaligned vertebrae.

The aim of chiropractic treatment is to reduce inflammation, restore the right movement and posture. Even physical therapist, naturopathic therapists, osteopaths may use these techniques.

Other therapies

 Some other therapies that can help treating bursitis are nutritional therapy, herbal medicine and osteopathy. Herbal treatments like willow, arnica oil, turmeric, and comfrey prove to be helpful. Nutritional therapy helps knowing that a poor diet with vitamin deficiency can also lead to bursitis. An increase in amounts of vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C along with other natural supplements can restore the nutritional deficiency.

So make sure that these alternative treatments can also work well for bursitis better than other heavy dosage of medicines you take.

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