Top 10 Foods and Nutrient for Joint Pain Relief

Struggling with joint pains? Joint pains can be devastating especially if no measures are taken to ease and relieve the pains. Joint pains in aged people are mostly as a result of arthritis and in young people as a result of injuries during exercise. On top of the therapies during treatment and exercises to ease the pain and improve the symptoms of joint pains some foods are recommended. A study showed that foods with anti-inflammatory and pain easing properties are good for joint pain management. Here are foods and nutrients for joint pain relief:

1. Turmeric

Give you food a new look and aroma with the famous Indian turmeric. The spice is coupled with a chemical by the name curcumin. This chemical has anti-inflammatory properties which is good at easing the pains and inflammation in the knees. Some painkillers like the ibuprofen are made of turmeric extracts.

2. Green leafy kales

Kales and other green vegetables are bundled with nutrients like the vitamin C, beta carotene and antioxidants which are essential for the health of the joints. Not to forget your green leafy kales are rich in calcium which builds up strong bones. Include kales and other green vegetables in your every day diet.

3. Salmon

Sea food is always a good option. Getting your bones stronger helps relieve the joints of the pains. The salmon is rich in vitamin C and D which are good for strong bones build up. People who suffer joint pains tend to have weak bones. With strength building exercises taking salmon will greatly favor the bones. Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help relief inflammation in the joints.

4. Apples

Take some fresh apples every day they will help joint pain relief. Apples contain antioxidants for curbing your inflammation. To add on apple fruits has high fiber content which is good for you body. By taking apples it helps to shun away cravings for the not good for you junky foods. Remember weight gain will just make the joint pains worse.

5. Berries

Make it your habit to always take the berries. Berries come in many types and contain antioxidants which help reduce inflammation. Make it good news for your constipation whenever you take your medications for treating arthritis. Most arthritis medicines cause constipation. Berries contain high fiber content which helps in hastening digestion process.

6. Whole grains

Take whole grains food like the oatmeal. This is the best way to replenish the nutrients in your body. Whole grains are also coupled with high fiber content which is highly needed for digestion. While exercising to bring back strength in your joints, whole grains help give you the energy you require. Whole grains also help in reducing inflammation thus the joint pains.

7. All types of nuts

Including nuts in your daily diet will not harm your body. At this juncture you avoid anything that can result in weight gain. Nuts contain zero cholesterol thus good for your body. Replace the inflammation triggering red meat with the nuts. Nuts will also bring in some fiber for your digestion.

8. Take dark chocolate

A small chocolate with high cocoa content will not harm your body. Taking the right thing in the wrong way brings problems. Take just a piece of it per day as they can help avoid much of its fat and calories which can result in weight gain. Dark chocolate contains high amounts of antioxidants which help ease joint pains by relieving inflammation.

9. Red pepper

Red pepper can be great relief to your joint pains. Adding some to your food will help improve the symptoms of arthritis. Arthritis may render your joints uncushioned which bring in a lot of pains. This is far worse for people with excess weight as their joints wear and tear fast. Red pepper is rich in vitamin C which stimulates collagen production .The cartilage, tendons and ligaments that help cushion and hold the joints together are composed of collagen.

10. Decaffeinated green tea

It is all natural serve it when cold or hot. Green tea contains very strong antioxidants which serve the purpose of reducing any inflammations hence relieving the joint pains. Research shows that people with rheumatoid arthritis can use it to reduce the severity of the disease. If you are not suffering from arthritis taking the green tea can help reduce the risks of getting it.


Eat right for your joints. The above 10 foods can cushion your joints against undeserved pain. Don’t forget to exercise for the sake of healthy joints!


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