Feelings and Causes of Social Anxiety

Anxiety is a disorder that disturbs your normal life and also leads to loss of self confidence. A person feels helpless when it comes to socializing and feels like he/she cannot adjust to the world outside. Let us learn about the feelings and causes of social anxiety.

Restricts from leading a normal life

The person who suffers from social anxiety feels like the life is limited for them as they feel they cannot engage in some common activities that others can do easily. They feel helpless and due to lack of confidence they feel trapped and stuck.


We get trapped because of our thoughts followed by our actions and this leads to problems in our life that we are unable to handle, rather don’t know how to handle them.

Depression due to failures

We recall events where we failed badly and keep thinking about it over and over again. We keep thinking about incidences like a bad date, failed public presentation, missed opportunity etc. these things keep hindering our minds and feeling of failure and defeat keep coming again and again leading to severe anxiety.

Predicting negative about upcoming events

We start assuming about events that are going to take place in near future too much. We predict negatively regarding the results of the event. This causes anxiety for a couple of weeks just worrying about what will happen in the upcoming event. Worry adds to more worry and it results in vicious cycle. The more we worry; it creates more problems in our future.

Hesitation, uncertainty and lack of self confidence

We all normally suffer from low-esteem. We try to avoid certain situations in our lives and hold back instead of facing them or trying them. We also avoid conversations with others and avoid some situations where we are scared of getting rejected or being criticized by others. The fear that arises thinking about disapproval keeps us away from socializing and due to such habit of avoiding others we don’ t get enough experience of staying with others.


Social anxiety causes too much of botheration about how we are acting and what we do when we are with others. We feel that we are scanned and judged negatively all the time by others. This results in paying a lot of attention to self and we start thinking how others are going to notice us. For example we start thinking how we walk and do it looks funny. Is anyone looking at me and this avoids us to enjoy life and the moment.

Centre of Attraction Fear

Being centre of attraction is the common symptom of social anxiety. The idea of giving any kind of presentation in front of even a small group of people makes us feel low and we get scared. The anxiety builds in us and we start thinking that even others will notice it. The symptoms are shaking of legs and hands, blushing, sweating, neck twitches, and voice weakening.

5 Main Reason that lead to Anxiety

Anxiety is quite common experience that human beings face. We all go through anxiety at least once every month. Even things that happen every day can lead to anxiety like anxiety related to workplace, achieving targets, preparing presentation, someone banged your car etc., the five main reasons that lead to anxiety are explained as below.

Feeling of inborn bodily harm

Well, no one will feel calm if met a gunman or a robber. There are some situations that need some kind of anxiety in our body so that we can take quick actions to overcome the situation. This type of anxiety is helpful. For example some people try skydiving or skiing in extreme temperatures as they like to try the feeling of real fear. Such situations are like a person is getting in willingly, but any anxiety that leaves you frozen and it becomes unable for you’re to overcome fear is dangerous.

External and environmental factors

Environmental also lead to different type anxiety like

Stress related to school

Stress about money or finances

Stress in friendship, marriage, divorce or any personal relationship

Trauma arises through events like death, victimization or abuse etc.

Stress at workplace

Medical Causes

Medical factors like infection, anxiety, anemia, asthma and heart conditions (severe) can cause anxiety. Some related causes anxiety is

Side effects related to medication

Stress due to severe medical illness

Stress due to symptoms of illness

Less supply of oxygen or pulmonary embolism

Situations that activate childhood memories of trauma

Everyone goes through some kind of trauma in their childhood, which can be of an abusive parent; those memories reside in our brains till we grow up or even for life long. Some memories keep bothering us all through our life and make us restless. As a child when the memories reside in our mind, that is when we are not powerful to fight the situation. The same feelings of being helpless and powerless can be quite disturbing even when you grow up as an adult. Though as an adult we have the power to fight back, but the anxiety lets us behave like a child due to the memory locked in our brain.

Anxiety- Free floating  

It is not always easy to find the reasons for anxiety, especially when anxiety emerges from internal state instead of an external factor. While most anxiety types occurs with a target, but free floating (anxiety) simply bothers our mind without any reason that we can trace out. It can be mild like crippling like world is going to end soon and death is approaching. It is often caused due to a physical condition.

Anxiety can range from mild to severe; you need to treat it any ways. You can’t live with anxiety so one should not take it on a lighter note. There are many natural therapies that can help you overcome anxiety and meditation can be quite helpful too. Remember, anxiety can be treated only when you decide you want to get over it.

Finding useful Treatment for Social Anxiety

Are you feeling like social anxiety is controlling your lifestyle? Do you feel that you are stuck in a crate and not able to find any solution? There is an option to eliminate periodic fear with the help of tool you have so that such panic attacks do not occur again. It happens that your friends or closed ones consider that you are just suffering from normal anxiety, but you know that it’s not right.

You should know the following

  • You are OK and you are suffering from anxiety problem that needs to be treated. Also anxiety is not only about a mental disease and at the same time can be treated.
  • Just keep yourself away from those who underestimate your anxiousness as they aren’t aware that how difficult it is.
  • You also need to avoid masking the anxiety by spending on expensive anxiety treatments.

What if someone tells you that a simple approach can help you cure your anxiousness? It will be so amazing isn’t? Well there are techniques like 21 2nd that can help cure anxiety and these treatments not even require any prescription, medication, hypnosis or neuro linguistic (programming). It doesn’t cost you huge sum of money like many other gimmicks or junk of modern age. It is just s simple strategy that you can use yourself and stop the anxiety today itself and get back to normal routine.

When you approach a medical professional to treat anxiety they are going to put you on pills to treat social anxiety. Some pills like Prozac, Celexa and Paxil etc help in just masking your anxiety and in turn give you unpleasant side effects too and these side effects can turn out to be worse than your social anxiety. That is the reason a method which is drug-free is always better to adopt rather than taking medicines and just hiding it.

The technique called 21-7 helps relieving anxiety very fast. Similar to this technique there are other techniques too that work well for anxiety. While driving a person suffering from anxiety is at higher risk of meeting an accident and anxiety or panic attacks can help you lose control over even simple task that you perform in your daily life.

Most people who tried 21-7 technique felt that why they weren’t told about this technique before. You can use this technique to stop anxiety and stress in just 7 minutes. You can also use this technique to prevent recurring of panic attacks. This method help you stop your panic disorder, general anxiousness and helps break your periodic fear.

The ultimate method to eliminate social nervousness is to cure the idea completely. Panic away program also helps you get rid of social anxiety forever. It is not about masking the problem, but one has to aim eradicating it completely. Do not rely on medicines that make you cover up social anxiety, as it can come back again and dealing with side effects can be cumbersome.

Natural and Successful treatment for Anxiety

Our body’s natural fight or flight response created to protect us against anything which can threaten you or your well-being. The threat can be sudden, short lived, and intense which impacts your heart. It can also be sometimes prolonged like if a person goes into anxiety because of financial loss, marital problem, stressful things happening in school like deadlines for submitting school projects etc., worry and anxiety both encourage you to take related action.

Prolonged anxiety can lead to hypertension, depression and make the quality of your life poor. There are various treatment options available to treat anxiety disorder, but some natural treatments work better than conventional treatments for example as mentioned below


Exercise is known to be successful in helping deal with anxiety and natural stress. Research says that one can reduce anxiety by exercising for 20-30 minutes at least four to five times in a week. Other techniques that can help in reducing anxiety are visualization, controlled breathing and muscle relaxation (progressive).

CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)

CBT is a better treatment approach for anxiety which works towards identifying a person’s thought process that leads to a particular behavior or action, then change the negative thoughts to bring in change in behavior as well.

CBT is very successful in treating a few type of mental illness, but as it doesn’t target the emotions, it sometimes fails in treating anxiety in severe cases.


It can be effective treatment for anxiety. In this treatment, deep relaxation is impelled, and positive images and suggestions are incorporated in subconscious mind that can induce the relaxation better even beyond hypnotherapy session. No side effects are associated with this treatment and no chemicals are sent inside the body. The treatment not only works well for providing relief for symptoms of anxiety but also creates a structure for changing overall mental health that also helps changing the physical condition of the sufferer, for example the desire to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Each element belongs to the holistic plan which is designed to promote overall health in an individual and eradicate anxiety completely.

Herbal Treatment for Anxiety

Many herbs have properties that produce calming effect and as compared to synthetic chemicals they have no addictive qualities or serious side effects. Valerian, lemon balm, ginseng, Catnip, Kava Kava, Chamomile, bugleweed etc., are used effectively to handle anxiety and stress. You can buy these herbs from any food store and even from departmental or grocery stores. Herbal remedies are first choice as they do not contain harsh chemicals and also helps treating anxiety safely.


Along with a lot of exercise anxiety can also be treated having balanced diet. Your diet should include a plenty of vegetables and fruits and taking supplements of Vitamin B and B complex is essential too. Calcium is equally important especially in case of women and besides healthy diet you should also avoid eating toxic foods like caffeine and quit smoking too. Physical exercise helps a lot in promoting proper digestion, flexibility, improves circulation and eliminates anxiety too.

Anxiety Medication – Which is the Best one?

Nowadays everyone is hunting to find out the best medication to treat anxiety. It will be better to have a list of drugs and comparing them to know which the best is. Well, comparing again cannot be ideal way to judge a medication to be worst or best.

If the medication is prescribed for a medical condition, it is considered to be correct and effective. Individuals will show different reactions to a specific drugs based on other medications if they are using, or on genetics, duration for which they are using it and the dosage taken. A medication that works well for one individual might not show the same effect for another. For this reason, the psychiatrist’s needs to experiment the medication before prescribing the medicine based on each case.

Which medicine is the best medication for anxiety?

In order to test if the drug is best for anxiety, there a couple of things that needs to be considered like its withdrawal symptoms, side effects, efficacy, addictive potential and tolerance. So the medication we choose should come with no serious sedation, minor side effects, easy withdrawal and clinically effective for treating anxiety.


This is the best medication for anxiety (Anxiolytic) having minor side-effects. Let us look at why Buspar is considered as best medication to treat anxiety. There are so many reasons why a person can opt for this medication to treat anxiety disorders. It doesn’t cause any memory loss, it will not lead to sedation or foggy feeling and it has no major and unwanted withdrawal symptoms or side effects.

  • It doesn’t lead to dementia – Buspar doesn’t result in dementia risk as other benzodiazepines cause. Buspar doesn’t lead to problems like neurodegenration or cognitive impairment.
  • Fewer side effects as compared to other medications the side effects caused to Buspar are quite minimal. You may experience side effects but they are very mild.
  • Doesn’t disturb concentration- in fact some evidences also show that it helps in improving focus.
  • Less withdrawal symptoms- the withdrawal is very easy as compared to other medications.
  • No memory loss- some drugs like benzodiazepines cause memory loss. If you use Buspar you don’t have to worry about major problems with memory.
  • No sedation – Many Anxiolytics are sedative in nature- which means you will feel exhausted when you use them. Buspar doesn’t disturb the CNS functioning and thus it is safe to operate machinery and drive vehicles.
  • Made for anxiety- another reason why Buspar is considered as best medication for treating anxiety is because it treats only anxiety and doesn’t target neurotransmitter or for bipolar disorder.

Buspar works for most individuals but not necessary that it will work for everyone. If it doesn’t work for one individual that doesn’t mean it is not effective, but it can show best results or another individual.

Buspar takes some time to work and it can take couple of weeks to a month before you can see the levels of anxiety levels dropping.

3 Best Treatments for Anxiety Ailments

The uncomfortable feeling which accompanies the growl of dog is first line of your body defense against any danger. The usual worry and discomfort experienced by people in common and in unpleasant conditions is temporary, but that apprehension crosses the line and it became a dread which never goes away. Restlessness intensifies in the sustained and uncontrollable fear becomes a disorder which needs treatment.

Treating Anxiety with Medications

The medications are usually integrated with different therapy and at times complementary and alternative ways of treatment, medicines may even be used all alone according on condition as well as preference of the treatment for patient. Medications that are used for the treatment does not only cures for the anxiety disorder; though, they can also be used by patient situational or as the way to always keep it completely under the control during any coexisting and behavioural treatment.

While the medications are recommended for treatment, the doctors should first rule out if there are any contributing causes meant for anxiety that may also interfere with performance of medication. Since the patients who are suffering from anxiety disorders are quite often affected by depression and by substance abuse, hence the doctor may even suggest exclusive treatment for such specific problems well in advance of any kind of anxiety treatment.

Treating Anxiety with Drugs

According to the intensity and symptoms of anxiety disorder, the doctor may suggest medications from any of the 3 categories such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs as well as beta-blockers. The Antidepressants are also specifically effective in the treatment for patients where the anxiety diagnosis even encompasses the depression. Among antidepressants that are prescribed are choosy serotonin uptakes of the reinhibitors or the SSRIs that facilitate the communication of neurotransmitter in brain. Other antidepressants are like tricyclics and dependable antidepressants, inhibitors of monoamine oxidase and MAOIs.

The prescriptions of Treatment specifically for people, who have the joint diagnosis of the drug and of the alcohol abuse, might also include the anti-anxiety drugs known as benzodiazepines. As benzodiazepines Clonazapam as well as Buspirone may also be habit-forming, these are mainly meant for the treatment of short-term. Beta-blockers such as propranolol, even used for treating different heart ailments, are usually prescribed for the anxiety in quite limited doses that can help to prevent physical instead of emotional symptoms that are well associated with the anxiety.

Treating Anxiety with Psychiatry

The Medications are paired along with psychotherapy to enhance the efficiency of treating anxiety. Psychotherapy is conducted with professional of mental health and at times also called as the talk therapy; this is also used for encouraging the patient for reflecting past to learn different root cause of the anxiety disorder. This kind of therapy will work for people suffering from anxiety who have the trouble associating anxiety disorder through their life experiences which may get triggered.

As a part of progression during the treatment of anxiety in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the patient might be asked to oppose his fear in the safe as well as supervised atmosphere.

Different types of Anxiolytic Drugs treating anxiety

Anxiety is an uncomfortable  state of mind that every one of us experience occasionally. In some cases it is so severe that needs medication to eliminate it. There are a number of Anxiolytics used in treating different conditions related to anxiety. Some medication alone treats different types of anxiety.


Benzodiazepine, is a common prescribed medication used to treat both acute and chronic anxiety, including clonazepam, alprazolam and diazepam. These medications are prescribed to be taken on a regular basis. Several times during the day and also can be used occasionally or as needed. All benzodiazepines are addictive and can lead to memory loss or confusion. Pregnant women should not take this medication.

You should take this medication under supervision and since they are highly addictive it can lead to withdrawal symptoms as well. Don’t stop the medication suddenly without consulting your doctor. Side effects are headache, nausea, drowsiness and dizziness. Do not mix the drug with other medications as it has its potential hazards and be careful while driving or handling heavy machinery while you are taking the drug.

Alprazolam is a potent anxiolytic and is used to treat panic attacks, including the ones caused due to anxiety or fear. The medication needs to be taken half an hour before any stressful event occurs. Alprazolam is quite addictive among other benzodiazepines

Diazepam is used for chronic anxiety though the drug isn’t a choice for treating the condition. Side effects can be depression.

Clonazepam is a drug used to treat panic attack and disorder caused due to traumatic stress.

SSRIs(Serotonin Specific Reuptake Inhibitors)

SSRIs are meant to  be used for long-term and takes several weeks to show full effect. Medications include paroxetine, sertraline and fluxoetine. They are used for treating panic disorder, anxiety disorder(generalized) and panic attacks(recurrent) can worsen anxiety in the beginning therefore started with lower doses thereby increasing the dosage gradually.

Benzodiazepines are mainly used in initial stages of treatment, till the time SSRIs anxiolytic effect halts.


Antihistamines are used in treating nonspecific anxiety that usually doesn’t come under any category. It is helpful in those who have addiction history. Like benzodiazepines they aren’t addictive. They do cause sedation and that’s the reason they should be avoided while operating heavy machinery or driving.


Beta blockers like propranolol, is a drug used in treating high blood pressure can also be used in treating performance anxiety. Propranolol needs to be taken just half an hour before the performance anxiety. Beta blockers are helpful in blocking outward events of tremor, anxiety, fast heart rate and shaky voice. They are helpful relieving the feeling of anxiety that comes internally. One of the advantages is that it lacks in giving sedating effect. It can aggravate cardiac conditions or asthma.

Each of the above Anxiolytics has their own positive and negative effects. So speak to your doctor before you take this medication and let your doctor know about your medical history. If you are on other medications, your doctor should be aware about it so that there are no chances of drug interactions.