Top 8 Reasons to Wash Your Hair Everyday

It is necessary to keep your hair clean. But how often you wash your hair can be determined by your hair type. The scalp produces sebum, which conditions your hair. The sebum can be also dangerous to your hair when it builds up on your scalp. It can lead to a greasy look or act as food for microorganisms whose action can lead to dandruff or even cause hair loss in extreme cases. Frequent washing is associated to stripping off your natural oils and making it frizzy. However, some hair types need to be washed on daily basis to prevent them from being greasy. Going for long without washing your hair can make it smelly, lackluster or even worse than that. Wash your hair daily if:

1. You have dandruff

Dandruff is a layer of dead skin cells that clump up and fall off on your scalp. Sometimes it can lead to itchiness making you feel uncomfortable. Shampooing your hair on daily basis will help to clear the flakes and dead cells thus keeping dandruff at bay.

2. You have an oily scalp

Daily shampooing strips off natural oils from your hair scalp. However, if you have an oil scalp, it is important to wash your hair on daily basis to remove the excess oil. Too oily scalp can nourish fungus that can lead to seborrhea. This condition leads to an itchy, patchy, and scaly scalp. According to hair care tips for women, some shampoos are designed to remove sebum and dead cells from the scalp surface. Ensure that you change your shampoo frequently.

3. You have thin and fine hair

Hair strands of this type of hair texture tend to get greasy fast. This is because oils moves down to your locks easily from your scalp leading to the greasy appearance. Washing it will keep it grease-free. Curlier hair, on the other hand, keeps the natural oils close to the scalp; they lack a straight path to reach to the ends.

4. You work out daily

Working out on daily basis makes you sweat daily. This can contribute greatly to oil buildups on your scalp creating a good environment for the fungus. This can lead to various infections and skin problems. Sweating makes your hair to be tangled and smelly. If you sweat a lot, it is important to wash your hair daily to keep your scalp healthy.

5. Your hair is pin straight

This type of hair allows your natural oils to move easily from the scalp to the ends. This gives them a greasy look. Shampooing your hair on daily basis gives it a dryer look leaving it free from the natural oils especially on the ends.

6. You want your hair to grow

Washing your hair more frequently will get your hair to grow. Dead hair follicles can hinder the growth of your hair. Washing your hair will help to remove the dead cells giving a room for the growth of new healthy cells. As a result, your hair growth is stimulated.

7. You live in a very humid climate

If you live in a humid climate and you sweat a lot, you might consider washing your hair on daily basis. Humid climate can lead to an excess buildup of oil on your hair scalp. Oil buildups create a room for fungal infections. Shampooing your hair sets it free from the infections and dandruff.

8. Your preference

You can wash your hair on a daily basis if you prefer to do that. Some people like it when their hair is clean throughout, and since you are the one to live with your hair then wash it. It is ideal to wash your hair as you do to your skin. Your hair is exposed to dirt on daily basis. One of the basic hair care tips for women is to always keep the hair clean and moisturized. After cleaning your hair apply a moisturizer while it is still dumped to allow it to absorb effectively.


Frequent washing can be healthy for your hair. It keeps it clean, fresh and with a natural glow. Ensure that you use warm water to wash your hair and good quality hair products. Avoid shampoos with harsh ingredients as they may cause harm to your hair. Avoid those that can lead to allergic reactions or even make your hair to produce excess oil or dry up. This will help to always keep your hair clean and healthy throughout. Cleaning your hair frequently is a basic hygiene practice everyone should embrace. Clean scalp forms the basis of a healthy hair.

Fight Dry Skin During Winter with these Tips and Tricks

Winter is the time when the sun is lowest in the sky, resulting in short days. During this time, the cold climate and lower humidity affect your skin condition. This season comes with cold, dry air and harsh winds. Cold days of winter cause a rosy glow to the cheeks. They also lead to uncomfortable dryness on the face, hands, and the feet. Skin dryness results in flaking, cracking or eczema. Skin also becomes dull, itchy and dehydrated. Here are some tips on how to avert dry skin during this season.

1. Use of moisturizers

The moisturizing product to use should change according to weather change. The best way on how to prevent dry skin is to apply an oil-based ointment. Oil retains more moisture by creating a protective layer on your skin. Use non-clogging oils, which include almond oil, avocado oil, mineral oil etc. Heavy moisturizers with hyaluronic acid replace lost moisture. You can also use lotions that contain humectants to attract moisture to your skin. Humectant is a group of substances, which includes sorbitol, glycerin, and alpha-hydroxyl acids. Aloe Vera contains moisturizing properties; it can be used as a face moisturizer to prevent your skin from drying. It also softens your skin.

2. Wear sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays are always present in all seasons of the weather. Winter sun which is combined with a snow glare is harmful to your skin. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you from both the UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen prevents sun radiations from being absorbed by the skin directly as well as preventing your skin from drying out.

3.Use of humidifier

Humidifiers prevent your skin from drying as they get more moisture in the air. How well the humidifiers are dispersed, determines how well the moisture is dispersed evenly in a room. They keep your skin moist and offset the dryness from indoor heat.

4. Drink a lot of water

Water is essential in maintaining your overall body health. It is an essential way on how to prevent dry skin. Water keeps your skin hydrated giving it a radiant glow. You should take at least 8 glasses of water on daily basis. Water also helps in eliminating toxins, increasing skin elasticity and aids in skin rejuvenation process.

5. Protect your skin from harsh cold

Facial skin is more sensitive during winter. To shield your facial skin, you need to use heavier moisturizers as they prevent your skin from drying up. Extreme cold causes blisters to the sensitive skin. As you protect your skin, avoid clothing that will irritate your skin. For example, a woolen material will cause irritation, dry your skin and also cause inflammation to sensitive skin during cold seasons. A cotton material is preferred in this case.

6. Do not ignore your hands and feet

Hands and feet have thinner skin with fewer oil glands than most parts of your body. To keep your hands moist during the winter season, you should wear gloves and socks for your feet. Avoid wet gloves and socks as they may lead to skin irritation causing itching or cracking. Gloves made of wool also lead to skin irritation. You can also use cream to protect them from the effects of extreme cold seasons. It is important to moisturize at least twice a day.

7. Skin products

You should choose wisely the skin products you use on your skin. It is important to check for those produced from natural ingredients such as olive oil, Shea butter, aloe Vera gel, vitamin E or cocoa butter. Essential oils have hydrating and regenerative effects on your skin preventing it from drying up. Skin products with harsh ingredients such as alcohol strip off natural oils from your skin. Creams are preferred to lotions since they have heavier formulas. Winter creams have fatty ingredients that prevent your skin from dehydration and roughness. You should consult a dermatologist who will help you analyze your skin type and advise you on the appropriate skin care products to use.

8. Avoid hot showers

Hot water breaks down the lipid barrier of your skin leading to loss of its moisture content. It is advisable to use warm water, pat dry your skin and apply moisturizer while it is still dump.


Winter seasons comes with cold climate and low humidity. During this time, your skin is prone to damage by the dry air, cold temperatures, and harsh wind. Your skin tends to dry up, thus, it needs to be protected from any damage that may arise. The mentioned tips will help you to have a supple skin throughout the season. It is to take plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

How to Choose a Hairstyle for Your Face Shape?

Just like clothes or dresses, hairstyles are not universal. A good hair-do will only look as good as the shape of the face it is accentuating. A hairstyle might be trending and in the market, but that does not mean everybody will or can look good in it. Hairstyle and the shape of the face or head go in tandem with each other. While there is little you can do about the latter, there is plenty you can do about the former.

Know the shape of your face

For obvious reasons, this is the first step, and it involves the following measurements.

  • Forehead measurements, which is the distance between your eyebrows.
  • The distance between your cheekbones just below the end of each one of them.
  • Jaw line measurements-the distance between the chin and just below the ears. Double this figure to get for the entire jaw.
  • Face length, which is determined by taking the reading for the distance between the center of the hairline at the top of the forehead and the end of the chin.

Depending on the results acquired from the all the above readings, your facial profile falls into either of the following shapes and as a result provides the best parameter on how to choose a hairstyle for different faces.

Face shapes and complementing hair styles

1. Oval
An oval face has the chin area rounded rather than pointy. The cheekbone length is smaller than the facial length and so is the jaw line. Given its symmetrical nature, people with this face type can try a lot of hairstyles. However, the most recommended style is a short cut with side partings. It is also important to avoid forward finishing as this exaggerates the roundness of the face.

2. Square
One of the most distinctive features of this shape is the sharp angled or square jaws that makes one portray a chiseled look. Square faces can work well with both long and short hairstyles but do not exaggerate when applying either especially short styles. Try tight fades with side partings that match with thin layers.

3. Rectangle
This face shape has the greatest face length while the remaining three measurements are all proportionate. For this face shape, go for hair styles without short side finishing as well as expounded tops. Curls or waves are also recommended for this facial profile since they add more horizontal weight as compared to vertical weight.

4. Heart
A heart shaped face has the forehead measurements greater than the cheek bones and the jaw lines and has a pointed or sharp chin. These types of faces match well with lengthy hair styles accompanied with part lines. This is because it can easily strike out the balance of the shape and can easily radiate your facial features. Piece Bangs also accentuate the forehead thus drawing the attention away from the attention-grabbing chins of people with this genetic facial profile. Wispy layers also go well with this face shape.

5. Diamond
A diamond shape has the biggest face length and the smallest jaw line, which makes the chin super sharp. The forehead measurement is relatively smaller than that of the cheek bones. Go for hair styles that add bulk in the chin, for instance, the bob cuts or the wispy designs as well as the tousled waves. Avoiding styles with bangs for this face shape is also another important tip on how to choose a hairstyle for different faces.

6. Round
The cheek bone and face length measurement of this facial shape are similar, and so are the measurements of the jaws and forehead. Unlike the square or rectangular faces, the edges of the jaw are soft and do not have a sharp bend. Long hair and gentle waves complement this particular face. Lengthy side bangs create elevations on round faces making them fall seamlessly with the rest of the hair.

7. Triangle
The jaw measurements of this shape are larger than the cheek frame length which is even larger than the forehead length resembling the shape of a pear. Hair styles that add bulk to the top of the head are recommended. For instance, the full top knot that draws the attention from the wide jaw line and puts emphasis on the hair. Curls such as the Veronica waves with also flatter the face and conceals the jaws.


A fancy hairstyle might not be so fancy if not matched with the corresponding face with the shape that makes it more prominent and alluring. This is an important factor to consider for hair styles which unfortunately many overlooks. Matching hair styles to the corresponding shape of the face can also make it easier to display makeup and other accessories such as earrings and necklaces. If you have the time and do not mind about the costs, you can try different hairstyles while taking pictures of each to determine your optimum best.

How to Create an Updo Like Jennifer Lawrence

Before Jeniffer Lawrence went for the unprecedented hair fame, Mark Townsend a renowned Dove celebrity stylist made three drastic changes on her hair. She is a promotion agent for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part-2’. She has been looking beautiful as compared to her equals in the industry. Having been to most European countries in her promotion job, Jennifer surprised the world early November with her updo with no makeup. It gave the celebrity a red carpet look. This style has gained popularity across board and the following steps can lead you to achieve such.

Jenny cho style

For a look alike updo on freshly cleaned hair, apply mousse that increases the volume of the hair. The leading pack of these mousses is sauve professional’s luxe style infusion volumizingsouffle mousse. Ran this product throughout the hair gently to ensure it touches the hair in its entirety. Let it dry up after that slowly. Once it is dry, spray it with dry shampoo such as the sauve professional shampoo. This will give it the prerequisite grip necessary for braiding and further gives it an airy texture. Make a huge side part of your hair. Work on each half of it at a time. Then make a loose French brain on your hair edges and move it downwards. Using an elastic product secure the worked out hair once you hit the end. Repeat this with the other half. Then coil the two halves in a low-lying knot at the back part of your neck. Use bobby pins to hold it upright. Break up the braids gently using your fingers. Finally, pull a few strands on the face side.

Jennifer Lawrence’s chain updo

For this, you start by securing your hair with rubber or elastic products from the back of your neck or the sides. Pull the band to the last stretch to ensure it is tight enough. Bring on half of your hair forward by creating a loop from thee end that’s loose. Pick up a section of the broad hair formed into a tail, and wrap it in opposing directions. Pin this separately and keep on working on the other subsections. You will have a soft messy romantic feeling. Once the ponytail is worked on fully, put n a light chain round the bun. Through openings of the chain, gently sneak bobby pins on the points you want your hair to drop or hang. Swirl and move it as you desire to achieve your taste. Keep on doing this till you reach the apex of the chain. There you are, you will have achieved a beautifully crafted special event updo similar to that of celebrities lifestyle.

Jennifer Lawrence’s star updo style

Wash your hair gently then massages a handful of your hair to form low side subsections. Apply mouse at the hairlines and ends; this gives amazing results on great volumes. Apply spray that will protect your hair from blow dry. After blow-drying it with a firm round brush, you will get a naturally swept long hair. Using a straightening iron, summon up light waves on the sides and the hair on the periphery. Twisting the styled hair hard will lead to the creation of a natural, casual look. At the back of the neck, tie hair that remains after separating subsections of the hair and then roll it. The twists created will be demarcated by loosely fitted bobby pins thus separating hair strands at the back of the head. After securing your hair with an appropriate lacquer, you are done. You should not get worried of the one or two strands that escape the bobby pins. This is what will make hairstyle effect casual.


Gentle waves, side parting and loosely pinned hair setting are what sent the Paris ‘producers’ guild of the American world’ night spinning. Jennifer Lawrence’s updo was a talking point of the whole event. At the nape were relaxed pinned strands that gave the celebrity lifestyle a new reference. It is quite feminine yet still casual but coupled with appropriate dressing give you a perfect look. The updo is also an ideal summer night party’s hairstyle. Therefore, before planning on appearing at the next pool party, it is utterly important to take a small portion of your time to learn how to create this awesome style. With a hair-brush, a chain, bobby pins, and hair elastic, then you are set to give a try of this amazing trend. There is no reason why you should keep on admiring Jennifer Lawrence’s magnificent look while your hair can give you an exact look. Be that Oscar trending celebrity from your making using the above simple steps.

Why Should You Follow A Nail Care Routine?

I think your hands happen to be a massive part of the very first impression that you help make upon somebody. Consequently, I am taking proper care of them and also of my nails which happen to be an essential part of my everyday beauty chores. On this post, I would like to present to you the particular nail care program that worked excellent for me just in the previous months.

Usually, in the teen years plus more lately, in the previous 2 years, I just have injured my nails. And I blame it for stress plus dullness. Feeling is of like “a lot to do, however, it is not the exact time yet.” I have discovered a means of it and also talked about it in this particular post. And I was able to develop my nails just over the point finally wherever I did not challenge to bite them once again simply because they lastly appear great. This summer season I attempted acrylic nails just for my wedding ceremony and also gel polish while on the holidays, that helps to leave my nails weak and flaking. And this happens to be the nail care routine I utilized to acquire them again in accurate shape.

1. Cleansing:

I begin the nail care regime through eliminating any nail polish just with Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Cleaner. This tub happens to be incredible, and it can make it very easy to simply dip the fingers in, massage a little and even clean them. Lately, Sephora launched their unique version wherever you may suit all the five fingers simultaneously, and even that happens to be on my desired list too. Obviously, you may also simply make use of a cotton ball and also your preferred nail polish cleaner.

2. Prepping:

Buffing, filing, Shaping happen to be extremely important measures whenever it involves looking after your nails. Although you are attempting to allow them to develop like me, then you require softening the edges, accurate the shape and also ensure that there can be no points wherever they might crack. I like to utilize all these easy Revlon Compact Emery Boards which can come in the group of 24 at Ulta, and they can certainly last you just forever. I utilize finer white side for giving accurate shape to my nails. Whenever it involves selecting the shape of the nail, you can find numerous options that rely on your private taste. Still, the common suggestion happens to be that the shape concerning your tip ought to mirror the base of the nail. To me, this happens to be an oval shape. And I have attempted almond previously and also it truly appears very absurd.

Right after you attained your preferred shape I like to buff the nails to soften the surface plus prepare it just for nail polish. And you may use one among the particular 4-side nail files available. The one I am utilizing and also very love simultaneously the particular Revlon Shape n Buff Nail Buffer. And I stick to the 4 methods for every nail and even experience truly soft and also even nail beds.

Ultimately, it is the time to include nail polish just with groomed nails. In a nutshell, the system happens to be consisted just in the cleansing step which eliminates anything at all remaining on the nail right after prepping, a top coat and a base coat. And the clear and also base coat nevertheless works incredible; however, the top coat grew to be thicker as well and also I just had to put it aside.

3. Daily Care:

Usually, taking care of nails one time weekly happens to be not enough in case, you will find any problems you would like to resolve. For that reason, it is a great thought to maintain the cuticle oil and even hand cream just on the night stand plus use them every evening before heading sleep.

A few additional supports may come “from the inside” and also in the shape of the healthy and balanced diet full of healthy fats and vitamins, and also supplements like Biotin or even Skin, Hair and even the Nail tablets. And I have already described previously just how the healthier diet assisted clear the skin; however, supplements did excellent things regarding my hair and also nails.

Added tip: in case, you have got any leftover product through your skincare program, do not clean your hands off; however, and massage it just on the cuticles. Just whatever happens to be good for the face may also be great for the hands!