Knowing About Remedial Massage and its benefits

Remedial massage promotes healing treatment which can be gentle, strong, shallow or deep. When the tendons and muscles get knotted, damages, immobile, tense, impaired, remedial massage proves to be an effective treatment for healing the condition.

Remedial massage emphasizes on holistic approach to treat whole body and identifies the root cause of the problem to treat symptoms of the problem and the problem itself.

Conditions that can be benefited from Remedial Massage

Back pain

Tennis elbow


Muscle cramps



Frozen shoulder

Jaw pain

Tension headache


How remedial massage can help you?

Remedial massage also leaves a positive impact on various systems of our body which includes


Remedial massage gives a healing impact directly on your muscular system by stretching your tight muscles, releasing and relaxing over loaded muscles, reducing muscular cramping, muscular spasms and helps in regenerating tissues.

Lymphatic and Circulatory system

It encourages blood flow supply to the tissues by stimulating your circulatory system. It helps reduce swelling and pain by enhancing lymphatic flow.

Best timing for Remedial Massage

Remedial massage can be taken for chronic conditions at any feasible time. Ideally remedial massage should be taken on a regular basis to enhance improved function, mobility and prevent conditions from getting painful and problematic.

In case of acute injuries, remedial massage is suggested within 72 hours of an injury and after taking rest ice therapy is used to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Best suited frequency for remedial massage

A new condition or injury can be easily resolved within a couple of treatment sessions. Chronic conditions often require a sequence of treatments to get the affected area to normal functioning. This includes a couple of massages on a weekly basis and slowly the frequency is adjusted once it attains the maintenance stage.

Depending on individual’s need and his/her lifestyle, the frequency of treatment is going to be different. It is better to opt for maintenance massage regularly say on a monthly basis to enhance function and mobility and prevent the condition and pain becoming worse.

The remedial massage treatment involves the participation of the client as well. It can be your participation in a test phase or even in later stages of treatment you need to do it according to what therapist requests you and let them know about your feedback so it is like an active participation of the patient in the treatment. Sometimes the process of remedial massage is slow like myofascial release, which needs to be performed slowly to attain best results. Trigger points sometimes take longer to release down to the desired level for the treatment to be effective. You can expect a good change after the treatment.

Some people quit the treatment in between thinking that they have not got full massage, but you need to understand that remedial massage is a treatment designed to target a few areas at one time.

You can always look for a professional massage therapist for remedial massage and speak to him about your queries about how the massage is going to benefit you.

Remedial Massage is ideal option for acute pain

A sudden start of pain is called as acute pain, which can occur as a result of an accident, injury, fall or something similar to that. Acute pain is strong and occurs with a sharp pain in nerve to something which is like shooting pain and can result in strong ache too. It gets worse with even normal movements and this restricts you from doing normal activities.

Sometimes there is no reason associated to the occurrence of acute pain like beginning of neck spasms or back pain. You might get up from last night sleep and unable to move neck etc., some incidences that are responsible for causing acute pain are slipping, fall, jarring your body, whiplash injury or even a car accident or because of engaging in a sport etc.,

Acute pain is something which doesn’t occur on a daily basis and can be easily treated with just a massage in most cases

Effectiveness of Remedial Massage in Acute Pain

Most of acute pain problems occur because of muscle spasms. Yes they are quite painful too and it can irritate or entrap your nerve. Until it is a case of broken bone 98% you will face a muscular problem.

The best thing is that the pain is quite new to our body and conditions related to acute pain can be treated easily and doesn’t leave any side effects. Massage therapy is effective to eliminate acute pain conditions like muscular issues. Remedial massage works by stimulating your muscles that go in spasms so that they can release. With the stimulation of right muscles, you body will be able to correct itself, releasing muscle spasms and getting back the body to normal.

Remedial massage treatment is a way of healing and it can be gentle, strong or deep and shallow. When the tendons and muscles get damaged, knotted, impaired, immobile, tense, remedial massage helps in healing them.

Remedial massage works by treating the body holistically and treats the discomfort by knowing the original cause and heals both disorder and cause and symptoms as well. It treats a range of health problems like


Tennis elbow


Muscular spasms

Muscle cramps


Jaw pain

Back pain

Neck pain

Tension headache

Plantar fasciitis


Frozen shoulder

Remedial massage is helpful in treating different systems present in our body like

Lymphatic and circulatory systems




Acute pain in case of shoulder and neck pain is also treated through remedial massage. Musculoskeletal disorders are the major focus of remedial massage and not only this, remedial massage is also working well for people suffering from chronic pain like fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and this massage eliminates pain without the help of medications. It helps you recover from acute pain easily and you will not experience any side effects too.

Why not opt for remedial massage if you do not want to depend on conventional medication to alleviate pain from roots. Remedial massage will be a good option if you want to heal pain holistically.

Regular Massage Treatment and Its Benefits

Some people go for regular massage treatments and each one their own set of reasons. Some people enjoy the feeling of getting pampered; some say it reduces stress after hectic schedule. Many others go for regular massage with a specific target in mind that is to reduce aches and pains. Some people even after taking regular massage treatments aren’t aware of its benefits and what massage do for them. This article will help them know the advantages of going for a regular massage treatment. The description will describe about the mechanisms that massage therapy uses to restore normal health from severe injuries.

While applying massage a trained therapist, focuses on effects of 3 levels structural, fluid and energy.  The massage applied correctly should be experience which is quite enjoyable and helps patient feel de-stressed, relaxed and energetic. Effective massage is what is customized as per specific needs of an individual rather than just following certain specific set of routine movements. Similarly the skilled massage therapist uses a variety of positions and techniques that targets joints and muscles effectively.

While therapists having basic qualifications are good for performing a general massage, which helps relieve general pains and aches, and it is very important to look out for a skilled massage therapist if your goal is to recover from injury or pain. Generally highly qualified therapists are only trained to determine and treat certain problems and undergo necessary training that includes the knowledge to identify the tissues that are dysfunctional and design an effective treatment routine.

A highly knowledgeable and trained massage therapist implements a range of techniques for relaxing and stimulating nervous system, stretching tissues, increasing circulation, lymphatic drainage, breaking down the knots present in muscles. Massage is also helpful in maintaining and correcting the right posture.

Regular massage treatment not only helps in correcting the posture, but also aids increased circulation in your entire body. It also regulates the flow of blood and is highly beneficial for people who have busy lifestyles with lack of physical exercise.

Regular massage helps correcting the defects in structure. It helps maintaining health, increase client’s awareness about their body and about maintaining correct energy levels so that the client can look after his/her health and feel energetic.

The regular massage targets the shortened muscles and stretches them, which will help your posture to be normal. Also the massage therapist suggest for some exercises that can be done at home in order to strengthen the muscles that become weak.

Regular massage also helps palpate the knots formed in muscle fibers due to which the muscles are shortened, which in turn helps proper blood circulation to the muscle and helps in removal of accumulated waste products effectively.

So if you are going for regular massage therapy, you are gaining a lot and if you are suffering from an injury, it is better to approach the trained massage therapist in order to get maximum massage benefit for your injury. You can get rid of your injury, pains and aches easily.

Seven Reasons why you should buy massage chair

Have you ever considered of buying a massage chair? Well you can give it a thought as this article is going to help you know the advantages of buying a massage chair. Massage chairs are now designed using advanced techniques and it can help you get massage for whole body. The chair also provides various massage techniques that can be used to aim specific areas. There are more therapeutic features included in massage recliners to aid relief from stress and provide relaxation.

If you have never thought of buying a massage chair, the seven reasons listed below can help you learn more

Regular Massage (treatments)

Massage chair offers the simplest way to get massage treatments on a regular basis. You do not need o fix any appointments with any massage centers. You don’t need to train your new therapist about your dislikes and likes. Massage chairs help you get massage treatments easily at the comfort of your home or office once you install.

Stress Relief

The stress levels are increasing for everyone day by day. The modern world had made difficult for everyone to burst stress and get enough time for doing so. Getting regular massage treatments can be helpful and important to reduce negative impacts of stress. Massage recliners help keep you away from stress much before it is build.

Massage Benefits

Regular massage therapy comes with many benefits as it helps eliminate stress, improve blood circulation, enhance awareness and relieves your muscle tension. Massage recliners are simpler way of getting benefits of massage therapy on a regular basis.


It is convenient to enjoy massage therapy with massage chair regularly. You don’t need to drive down to reach any specific location or at a scheduled time. Simply grab your seat and go for a quick massage for 10 minutes. If you have enough time you can take a full body massage for an extended time. You can get relief as per your suitable schedule with the help of massage chairs.


Going out for a massage therapy in a massage centre might not help you getting regular massage consistently as you need to take time out and go out and schedule an appointment? Going to the spa isn’t possible because of you busy schedule and massage chair can help you take body massage as per you feasible timings.


Many people feel that massage chairs turn out to be expensive. Yes the massage chair isn’t cheap but if you look at overall expenses that you spend on each massage session while going to the spa, you can easily find out that massage chairs aren’t expensive as you are using it for lifelong purpose.

Customized massage

Massage chair can help you customize the massage as per your needs. They are equipped with sensors that can detect your body and measure your body. This information is helpful in adjusting the right massage that suits your body. Many massage chairs also have the feature of storing the data of massage settings so that you can just use the same setting if you want anytime.

How is Massage therapy important for your health?

Massage affects your entire body and to understand about the working of massage therapy, some physiological effects on your body need to be examined briefly. Massage is also known to enhance the blood circulation and flow of the lymph. The complete mechanical effect of the rhythmically applied to the movement and manual pressure used for massage can intensely increase flow of blood in your body. Moreover, the stimulation of the nerve receptors creates the dilation of blood vessels through reflex action, which even enhances the blood flow.

The fluid known as milky white known as lymph carries the impurities and the waste away through tissues and even passes through the structures of gland that are spaced throughout lymphatic system which also act as the filtering valves. However, lymph never circulates as the blood does, so the movement largely depends on squeezing effect of the contraction of muscle. Thus, inactive people also fail to stimulate the flow of lymph. The stimulation that is created by energetic activity may be also outstripped by increased waste products by this activity. Massage will dramatically help the movement of the lymph in such case.

For your entire body to stay healthy, sum of the parts of your body cells should be also healthy. The cells of your body are also dependent on the plentiful supply of the blood and lymph since these fluids have supply nutrients and the oxygen that carry away the toxins and wastes. So, it is quite simple to understand that why circulation is important for your entire body, because of their effect on circulation.

Massage helps to:

  •        Cause changes in blood. Capacity of oxygen of blood will increase about 10-15% after the massage therapy.
  •        Affect the muscles throughout your body. Massage will help to loosen the contracted and shortened muscles which will stimulate the weak and flaccid muscles.
  •        The muscle “balancing” will help the posture and will promote the efficient movement.
  •        However, massage does not increase the strength of your muscle directly, but it will also help you with the speed recovery from the fatigue which happens after the exercise. In such a way, it may also be possible for exercise and for training that in long term strengthens the muscles and also enhances the conditioning.
  •        Massage even provides the calm stretching action for muscles and for the connective tissues which surround as well as support muscles and other body parts, which assist to keep the tissues elastic.
  •        Increase the excretions and secretions of your body. There is definitely a proven increase in production of the gastric juices, urine and saliva after massage. There is even enhanced excretion of inorganic phosphorous, sodium chloride and nitrogen. It suggests that rate of metabolism also increases.
  •        Massage also affects the entire nervous system and it helps to balance the nervous system through soothing and stimulating, according to the effect is required by individual during massage.
  •        It also enhances the condition of your skin. Massage improves function of sebaceous as well as and sweats glands directly that keeps your skin to be lubricated, cooled and clean.

Massage and its benefits for Health

Massage leaves an effect on the whole body. Massage is known for increasing the blood circulation and lymph flow. It is the mechanical effect of manual pressure which is applied rhythmically and the type of movement used during massage helps increasing the flow of blood dramatically.

Massage also leads to certain changes in your blood. After massage you can see 10-15% increase of oxygen capacity in your blood. It also affects the muscles all through the body. Massage also helps loosen shortened and contracted muscles as well as stimulates flaccid and weak muscles. This way of balancing muscles can help getting right posture and enhance efficient movement. Massage is not only helpful in providing strength to the muscles but also helps in speedy recovery from problems like fatigue that happens after exercise. This helps to engage in more training and exercise which in long run helps improve conditioning and strengthen muscles.

Massage also aids stretching action (gentle) to connective tissues and muscles that support and surround the muscles including others parts of your body which in turn keeps the tissues elastic. Massage also helps in excretions and secretions of your body. There is an increase in production of urine, saliva and gastric juices after the massage. There is increase in excretion of sodium chloride, nitrogen and inorganic phosphorus.

Massage also affects one’s nervous system. Massage helps balancing your nervous system by stimulating and soothing it depending on which effect one needs at that time. Massage also helps improve skin condition as it directly works on enhancing the function of sweat glands, sebaceous, which keeps the skin clean, lubricated and cool and inflexible skin becomes supple and soft.

It also leaves good impact on internal organs. By stimulating nerves indirectly that supply internal organs and blood vessels and promote increased blood flow to the organs. It also depends on massage therapists and what they are going to offer if you are looking for fitness and health. In every exercise form and sport massage can prove to be helpful. It helps reducing pysholcogical fatigue and provides relief from exertion one feels after playing or working out. Massage promotes effective workouts, better training, longer workouts thereby preventing injury and facilitating quality performance.

In ancient time, people after taking bath, they used to get fully body massage. For people who are looking for a fitness program and once the exercise starts every part of your body changes. in case of massage therapist they look for the way your blood vessels more complex so that the body’s demand is met for more amount of oxygen, allow more elimination and supply more number of nutrients.

Massage also helps in recovering from problems such as strains, injuries related to soft tissues and sprains. Massage also helps in internal nutrition as it improves blood circulation. Massage is highly effective in eradicating stress , the daily stress that we come across in our lives. It is important to approach a professional massage therapist to enjoy massage and its benefits.

Benefits of Yoga for Good Health

Let us understand what yoga is to further understand the benefits of yoga. Yoga is a word that comes from Sanskrit language and it means union of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is just not a form of exercise but a lot more than that as it brings in incredible changes in your life. There is nothing to worry as the changes are all for betterment of your health. You get a relaxed life, better sleep and better health and you can easily face problems that arise in your life. You feel energetic and peace in your life.

Well, yoga has a lot of benefits that can’t just be described in one article. But we can focus on main benefits of yoga. All you need to start with yoga is willingness, faith and focus on what your yoga teacher instructs you about. Let us look at some benefits of yoga as below


The exercises that you do while practicing yoga termed as asanas or postures in yoga class will help your body become more flexible. The postures also help in releasing the inflexible and tense muscles in people who mostly are involved in sitting jobs like sitting on desk for long hours or driving ca for long hours. Once you gain flexibility through yoga exercises there are less chances of injuries and you get better posture and you can move gracefully too.

While exercising you get the benefit from gentle stretching and in turn lubricating your joints, tendons and ligaments. The lubrication helps in making your body more flexible.

Increase the strength of bones and reduce flab

If you muscles have flabby and become weak, practicing yoga can increase the strength of muscles. Yoga also helps in losing extra flab from the body. In the beginning you will be taught doing yoga at your own ease and gradually after the flexibility of your body increases you can perform couple of other exercises related to weight bearing. This is necessary to maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Removes toxins from your body (detoxification)

The yoga asanas will help you massage the internal organs of your body, helping in flushing out accumulated toxins out of your body and providing a soothing workout. This helps to prevent diseases.  Drink enough water after yoga session to remove toxins from your body.

Learn to sleep well, handle stress and relax

The final yoga pose practiced in every class is known as corpse pose or Savasana. This absolutely doesn’t mean that the person has overdone the yoga class, but it is a pose for relaxation, which allows your body to accept the changes that the body undergoes during yoga class. It is an amazing way of relaxing too. It is a kind of meditation.  When you practice this pose during the yoga class you also get the benefit of relaxing your body and also learn how to relax when you are under stress or when you are unable to sleep.

Risks and Benefits of Massage Therapy

A relaxing rubdown helps in unwinding, but that is not enough. You need to explore the risk and benefits of massage therapy and should know what you need to expect from massage therapy.

Nowadays, massage is not available only in health clubs or luxury spas, but massage therapy is available in hospitals, clinics, businesses and even airports. If you haven’t tried massage yet, then it is better to learn risks and benefits of massage and what need to be expecting while going for massage therapy.

Massage is a basic term for rubbing, manipulating and pressing the skin muscles, ligaments and tendons. Therapists normally use their fingers and hands for massage and sometimes also use elbows, forearms or feet. Massages ranges from techniques that involve deep pressure or light stroking.

Massage Benefits

Some studies have found the following benefits of massage therapy

  1. Pain
  2. Stress relief
  3. Boosting immunity
  4. Cancer treatment
  5. Stiffness
  6. Managing depression and anxiety
  7. Controlling blood pressure
  8. Injuries related to sports
  9. Infant growth

Beyond the health benefits of massage therapy some people love massage therapy because it gives comfort, care and empowerment.  Despite many benefits massage therapy cannot be used as a replacement to normal medical care. Speak to your doctor before you try massage.

Risk associated with massage

Massage is completely safe if done by a trained therapist. Still massage isn’t suitable for everyone. Speak to you doctor in cases where you have

Some forms of massage can also give you sore feeling the day after massage. But massage isn’t uncomfortable or painful. Still if any part of the massage you feel is painful or isn’t right. Talk about it right away. More serious problems arise due to extra pressure given during massage.

In very rare situations massage causes

  • Nerve damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Temporary paralysis
  • Allergic reaction to lotions or oils

What is expected during the massage?

You don’t need any specific preparation before you go for a massage. Before the session starts, the therapist will ask you about the symptoms or medical history that you are looking to get from massage therapy. Your therapist needs to explain the techniques he is using or type of massage he/she will use.

You can take massage sitting on a chair or lying down. Your therapists should evaluate the affected area or tense areas to make sure the kind of pressure that needs to be given. Let your massage therapist know if you are allergic to lotions or oil. It is important that you feel relax and calm after the massage no matter which massage you choose. If the massage session is painful speak to your therapist immediately.

You also need to make sure that your therapist is trained, certified and experienced. He/she must be able to tell you how many sessions you need in all, the cost of each session and if the health insurance covers the cost of massage therapy.

Why Biomedical Methods can be used to treat migraine

Migraine is a common, chronic, intermittently disabling neurovascular disorder. Migraine peaks between 15 and 24 years of age with the greatest prevalence between 35 and 45 years. The International Headache Society has classified migraine with six subtypes.

The presence of aura differentiates the first two sub-types of migraine. Migraine with aura is further sub-typed by familial or sporadic hemiplegic migraine. Hemiplegic migraine presents with motor weakness.

Migraine that attacks with monocular visual disturbances is subtyped as retinal migraine. Migraine sub-types are also classified according to associated complications: chronic migraine and status migrainosus, which is a debilitating migraine lasting more than 72 hours. Other complications include migraine-triggered seizures or a migrainous infarction, which requires neuroimaging to verify the presence of an ischemic brain lesion.

Patients often experience migraine without aura, typical aura with migraine headache, and typical aura without headache. Migraine risks increase when a patient presents with the following: asymmetry of pain; throbbing pain; pain that is moderate to severe in intensity; pain accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light, sound, and often smell; the presence of typical migraine aura symptoms; and a family history of migraine.

A three-question screen can help with the diagnosis of migraine. The screen asks if the patient felt nauseated or sick to his or her stomach in the last 3 months. It asks if light has bothered him or her more when not experiencing headaches. Finally, it asks if headaches limited the patient’s ability to work, study, or complete daily tasks for at least 1 day.

A positive response to two of the three questions suggests a 93% chance that the headaches are migraine; if all three responses are positive, there is a 98% chance of migraine.

The pathophysiology of migraine is due in part to the sensory input from the trigeminal nerve and the ninth and tenth cranial nerves, humoral factors (eg, blood glucose, ingested food, gonadotrophic hormones), environmental factors (sleep, stress, smells, light, and changes in barometric pressure), and other factors.

Auras are caused by a localized decrease of blood flow immediately followed by an increase of blood flow. This wave depolarization affects the parieto-occipital cortex. This complex neurological symptom typically presents just before a migraine attack.

Opioid pain relievers should only be used for brief amounts of time

The easiest path for anyone concerned about abusing opioid pain relievers is avoiding these drugs completely. However, it is likely that, somewhere in your future you might require the need for opiate painkillers once more. Should you need to take these drugs in the future, do so under the close observation of the physician who prescribed them. Maintain the dosage as it has been prescribed and only take what is necessary to alleviate your pain.

Keep in mind that opioid pain relievers should only be used for brief amounts of time to treat moderate to severe pain symptoms. These drugs alter the brain’s chemical structure after extended abuse. Therefore, you are not only putting yourself at risk for continued dependency, but also potentially harmful and irreversible neurological problems.

All opioid analgesics include this chance of dependency, which is why they are categorized as Schedule IV drugs. Even though they have an accepted medical use, there is still a relatively low potential for either physical or psychological dependency. Therefore, an opioid addict’s best chance of recovery lies in his or her avoidance of future drug uses and exploring of other non-pharmacological methods of pain relief.

If you have chronic pain and are trying to avoid using opiate pain medications, ask your physician about the following alternative treatments for pain, described by AARP The Magazine:

  • Dietary supplements, like glucosamine and chondroitin, which might help to alleviate pain associated with conditions like arthritis
  • Acupuncture, which has been found to relieve pain symptoms associated with various illnesses
  • Herbal and natural supplements
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Physical therapy
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Nutrition––diets rich in fish and flaxseed include an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids that relieve inflammation
  • Biofeedback
  • Massage

Remember, an individual prone to addiction, such as a recovering addict, will be putting his or her sobriety at risk if they begin taking prescription drugs like Tramadol again. If you are currently taking these drugs and are afraid of becoming addicted or if you realize that you have become addicted, seek out the help of an experienced substance abuse treatment provider today.