IVF and Acupuncture can help you conceive

If as a couple you are struggling to have a child or conceive and need help to get successful pregnancy, you might consider some alternative therapies available today. The popular one is combination of IVF and acupuncture. Well the confusion about the information that you get from others about alternative therapies like herbal supplements, yoga, group therapy and acupuncture differ. Some people believe that alternative therapies alone don’t work and help you enhance your fertility whereas others say alternative therapies are a complete solution to have a baby.

Well, adding acupuncture as alternative therapy to your IVF treatment can help you improve the reproductive health and the success rate of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy are higher. Well, some studies say that acupuncture alone cannot help your body improve pregnancy rates and some other studies say if IVF treatment is combined with acupuncture can certainly increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy. Well, we cannot say that acupuncture is going to do some magic, but of course is a therapy that you should try.

It also depends on couple’s choice if they want to opt for acupuncture as an alternative therapy to their IVF treatment or not. The results collected depend on the pregnancy rates after the procedure is conducted. Studies say that couples having severe problems of infertility choose Acupuncture themselves.

Scientist who do not agree as whether Acupuncture works or not during IVF treatment, not even think about how acupuncture works. Those who opt for Acupuncture believe that it helps relieving stress and it is a fact that women who are under less stress have higher chances of getting pregnant. Some expert Acupuncturists also say that this therapy helps balance your hormones, which is a valid point when it comes to boosting up fertility rates. Also they say that Acupuncture methods increases the flow of blood to the uterus, which helps thickening of wall and make it more receptive for new embryo.

There are many evidences available that show that Acupuncture works  for a lot of couples who are trying to have a child.besides this, it is affordable and safe therapy that every couple can afford to try. You can try Acupuncture if you are undergoing IVF treatment to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Also studies show that the miscarriage rate in couple who go for Acupuncture has reduced to 8% whereas the non-acupuncture group had 20% rate of miscarriage and the rate of pregnancy in groups who opted for acupuncture is 24%. If you want to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you can try Acupuncture which will help you a lot. Many couples who had failed tries of IVF only and they lose hopes should definitely combine their next IVF treatment with Acupuncture in order to get best results. It is a dream for every couple to have a child and safe alternative therapies like Acupuncture can help you to live your dreams, so go for it and it is certainly going to help you.

Acupuncture Therapy – Best Alternative Treatment!

It is well proved that acupuncture treatments are highly successful in treating several medical situations. The cost for acupuncture therapy treatments differs to a great extent and it depends on quality of the treatments and length of the required acupuncture treatments. Moreover, there are acupuncture procedures which go ahead than inserting the needle. Many such research has also documented for findings that this is not completely known that how does acupuncture methods works, however so there are also some key points that the acupuncture enhances the production for endorphins which makes complete body to feel relaxed and assist to reduce stress.

Treatments of Acupuncture have even documented to be wonderful success for treating the injuries that are usually related to tense, damaged and irritated tendons, muscles or nervous tension. It is also found that many people do not wish that the procedure of acupuncture are great treatments for allergies, depression, stress, insomnia, sinusitis and anxiety. It is also found that recently many people are searching for acupuncture therapy exclusively for weight loss.

Few evidence also show that procedure of acupuncture are highly effective as compared to the inactive medications to relieve the pains of post-treatment and it is also maintained at the follow-up. The different Acupuncture treatments usually take about 25 minutes, but the therapy of acupuncture can also differ, according to the condition of the patient. Many acupuncture treatments will provide simultaneously with different medical treatments, like traditional and Western medicine, naturopathic prescriptions and chiropractic adjustments. Though, it is general with first couple getting the acupuncture treatments for relaxation and also with some incomprehension following directly the treatment.

The therapy of Acupuncture involves the complete sequence of biweekly or weekly treatments for outpatient setting. This also appears that the treatment of acupuncture is very useful for individual treatment for different health issues, but acupuncture is even highly used in the combination with different traditional and Western treatments. Several studies have also found that treatment of acupuncture can reduce the phenomenon of Reynaud; helps to enhance the conditions like irritable bowel syndrome; with increase in different medical treatments for the gout, if being used with the combined medical therapy.

There is irresistible majority of the patients who also find that the treatments that acupuncture are comfortable and they are exceptionally relaxing. Many patients basically fall asleep during the treatment though it is also a quick procedure. The method of acupuncture applies heat, pressure, needles and different acupuncture treatments for different locations on skin known as acupuncture points. Prior to starting the acupuncture therapy, you should ask the acupuncturist that are chosen about quantity of the suggested treatments and also an estimated price for such treatments.

The treatments of Acupuncture are now becoming highly accepted by public and physicians. Many acupuncture therapy are even practiced by the number of the certified medical practitioners which also belong to professional Acupuncture Company that publish the semi-annual journals. The acupuncture process is highly effective in great different areas in field of health care. The controversy has also encircled acupuncture; though huge claims also made for efficiency, on other hand, it has also been critiqued for their absence in scientific standing.

Is Acupuncture Effective for Migraines?

Migraine pain is a type of pain that even thinking about is deadly. Many migraine sufferers have learnt to live with this deadly pain. Looking at alternative methods to heal migraine, one thing that comes to our mind is acupuncture and whether it works or not, we will find out in this article.

Acupuncture treatment for Migraine- what do I need to know

Acupuncture is complimentary or alternative medicines that have evolved from Chinese medicine (traditional). This treatment for treating pain includes inserting needles in certain part of our body and these points are called as “acupuncture points”. The needles are manipulated gently.

Acupuncture treatment for preventing migraine between attacks

If you opt for acupuncture for migraine between migraine attacks, and have consulted an acupuncturist who can differentiate between prevention of migraine and treatment, you tend to get SES acupuncture treatment for your migraines.

You will get SES treatment while you are in a sitting position. Fine needles (acupuncture) are inserted shallowly into the skin. Usually the acupuncturists choose your lower legs or forearms as acupuncture points for SES treatment. The needles are manipulated gently, pushed in back and forth fashion with the help of hand while you are exhaling.

Acupuncture treatment migraine during attacks

When you opt acupuncture for treating your migraines during your migraine attack, you will get a typical treatment wherein fine needles are inserted in chosen acupuncture points throughout your body. The needles are then pushed in back and forth fashion very gently. When the needles are moved, the needles help the blood vessels around it open. This in turn helps proper blood circulation throughout the tissues present in your body.

Your acupuncturist might try a different way, as the migraine pain is normally believed to be connected to the opening of blood vessels present in our head, he/she may insert needles in neck or head area. While doing this your pain worsens temporarily. For this your acupuncturist might start the treatment targeting acupuncture points on your legs and arms only.

As per the research conducted by Great Britain on the treatment of Acupuncture for migraines they found that patients opting for acupuncture treating to get rid of migraines experienced less painful headaches compared to those who opted for other common treatments. Also people who took acupuncture treatment had to take few days off from their work and less medication and had to visit their doctor less as compared to the ones who took standard treatments.

Does Acupuncture for migraines hurt?

Are you among those who are suffering from migraine and consider acupuncture treatment as a treatment that will give you pain through insertion of needles? If you have fear of needles here is how you can get rid of your fear

  1. Look out for a professional and qualified acupuncturists and getting recommendation in this case would help. Make sure the acupuncturist is certified and licensed as per the law of your area.
  2. Also visit your acupuncturist before you fix an appointment and ask if they are using disposable needles for the treatment.
  3. Ask if there is any alternative if you have fear of needles
  4. Finally you can fix an appointment

Acupuncture – An Effective Treatment For Muscle Pain

Acupuncture is a process of restoration of the natural balance of our body. It is one of the oldest methods of treatment invented by Chinese people. This form of Chinese treatment doesn’t require the use of any drugs and medicines. It is entirely a natural healing process. On medical research, it has been found that through acupuncture central nervous system is stimulated and this is how any blockage or strain in the body muscle is restored. The spinal code is the spot where acupuncture will focus for neck pain treatment. Another aspect of acupuncture is that in increases the blood flow, which ultimately increases the healing capacity of our body. An increased of the blood blow in your body will eventually lead to increases in the immune system of our body. Acupuncture on whole can be considered as an effective way of promoting our health.

Knowledge about acupuncture points

Knowledge about human body and other special points of acupuncture that are really helpful to bring the preferred results are needed to be learning initially while it is about learning the basics that how acupuncture works. You can buy various available charts of your body points that are important for acupuncture points. These acupuncture points on front as well as back of human body and even locations and name of the meridians. You can find 14 key meridians that also include the corresponding points of acupuncture must be also provided precisely in the chart of acupuncture points of your body.

Negative side of Acupuncture

However there are negative sides of acupuncture as well, which should be always taken into consideration. It is important to know that acupuncture treatment is not sanctioned and not recommended by many doctors but still it is found as a very effective method of treatment. It also entirely depends on the cause of injury. Neck pain can occur due to various reasons.

Posture of your body

Poor posture not only hampers your personality but also causes physical illness. People spend hours and hours sitting in their office and working, incorrect sitting style during work can lead to such results. What one should do is to take a break in between, stand and have a walk for few minutes; this will reduce the physical stress and will let you relax. The best way to ignore such pain is to work in a right sitting posture without giving any stress to the body parts.

Health is wealth, rightly said. Morning jogging and exercise is very beneficial for body and mind. It removes anxiety from the body and keeps you energetic all day long. Straining of back muscles and whiplash are other reasons to cause neck muscles pain. Acupuncture is the answer to all your neck problems. If you have a neck injury you should carry out daily as well as regular exercises for your neck. Sometimes it may happen that people develop pain over a period steadily, it is highly recommended for them to carry out exercise in the morning.

Why Biomedical Methods can be used to treat migraine

Migraine is a common, chronic, intermittently disabling neurovascular disorder. Migraine peaks between 15 and 24 years of age with the greatest prevalence between 35 and 45 years. The International Headache Society has classified migraine with six subtypes.

The presence of aura differentiates the first two sub-types of migraine. Migraine with aura is further sub-typed by familial or sporadic hemiplegic migraine. Hemiplegic migraine presents with motor weakness.

Migraine that attacks with monocular visual disturbances is subtyped as retinal migraine. Migraine sub-types are also classified according to associated complications: chronic migraine and status migrainosus, which is a debilitating migraine lasting more than 72 hours. Other complications include migraine-triggered seizures or a migrainous infarction, which requires neuroimaging to verify the presence of an ischemic brain lesion.

Patients often experience migraine without aura, typical aura with migraine headache, and typical aura without headache. Migraine risks increase when a patient presents with the following: asymmetry of pain; throbbing pain; pain that is moderate to severe in intensity; pain accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light, sound, and often smell; the presence of typical migraine aura symptoms; and a family history of migraine.

A three-question screen can help with the diagnosis of migraine. The screen asks if the patient felt nauseated or sick to his or her stomach in the last 3 months. It asks if light has bothered him or her more when not experiencing headaches. Finally, it asks if headaches limited the patient’s ability to work, study, or complete daily tasks for at least 1 day.

A positive response to two of the three questions suggests a 93% chance that the headaches are migraine; if all three responses are positive, there is a 98% chance of migraine.

The pathophysiology of migraine is due in part to the sensory input from the trigeminal nerve and the ninth and tenth cranial nerves, humoral factors (eg, blood glucose, ingested food, gonadotrophic hormones), environmental factors (sleep, stress, smells, light, and changes in barometric pressure), and other factors.

Auras are caused by a localized decrease of blood flow immediately followed by an increase of blood flow. This wave depolarization affects the parieto-occipital cortex. This complex neurological symptom typically presents just before a migraine attack.

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