best time and place to have sex

Top 5 Best Time and Place to Have Sex

There’s no doubt about it; sex is a great excuse for any couple to touch each other and to connect with each other at an intimate level only they can understand. Kinky moments are a requirement for couples to look forward to be with each other beyond just seeking for good companionship. It’s one of the pillars of relationships that last.

Unfortunately, any relationship, even the best ones, goes through a journey where roadblocks and crossroads are inevitable. One of the first manifestations of an unhealthy relationship is when partners suddenly seem to have signed up for celibacy. If that’s the point where you think your relationship is at, it’s the best time to have sex and not just any ordinary sex.

Comedian, Woody Allen, wasn’t joking when he said that, “Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing.” Here are five of the best scenarios you and your partner can try to rediscover the fun and joy of lovemaking — only better:

1. Offer to pick up your mate from work. Drive him to a hotel and check in without even having to tell him where you’re off to. When he asks, tell him it’s a surprise. Hot, sensual sex can be difficult to achieve when a couple is beset with parenting, household obligations, and work responsibilities day in and day out. Treat your beau to an escape and knock him off his feet as soon as you turn the knob.

2. Have a thrilling kind of date. Forget the formal dinners and dining reservations that have become too familiar already. It’s too formal of a setting for a ravishing, electrifying sexual encounter with your partner. Have a date on a zip line adventure or race each other on a karting circuit.

Give yourselves an adrenaline rush and then continue the positive friction by brushing up your skin against his. Get the action going inside the car until he can’t wait any longer and pulls over — that’s when you ride him in the driver’s seat?

3. Camp out. Keep the inevitable events that are about to happen private by pitching a large tent. Enjoy the cold outdoors by heating up things to keep you both warm. Bring a bottle of wine or hard alcohol like tequila or vodka and take turns having body shots underneath the stars. The alcohol intoxication and the buildup of anticipation will surely drive both of you nuts and head over heels for each other. Time to get down wild and crazy!

4. Lock him in his office. Did he just call in again to tell you he needs to render overtime? Put on your sexiest lingerie, that body-con dress with the boldest slit, and a pair of stilettos and drive to his place of work. Open his door with full force and close it immediately (make sure to press the lock). Jump onto his chair and start kissing and rubbing.

Arguably the best time to have sex, according to many, is when they’re stressed. This is how you help your man get into a better mood. Give yourselves one of the most coveted and most difficult sexual fantasies to fulfill — sex on his office desk. Just please make sure that there are no security cameras onsite, doors are locked and blinds are pulled down. Save enough energy to drive yourselves home, you lovebirds!

5. Cook up a hot meal in the kitchen. Of course you know you’re cooking more than just omelets with cheese and tomatoes, silly! So, here’s the plan. Slip into his tees. Let your raised nipples show through and put on nothing else underneath but your sheer and sexy lace underwear — no shorts, no pants — and ask him what he wants for breakfast. Suggest to prepare breakfast together. If he insists to stay in bed, let him but, you’re going to make sure he sees your sexy behind as you get up and walk away.

He’s going to be in the kitchen, you’ll see. Let him caress you there and wait until things heat up to 350 degrees and start humping on the kitchen table. That table will become yours and his favorite spot for steamy moments from that point forward. Don’t forget to turn off the stove!


Have the courage to take your sexual mischiefs outside of the bedroom so that you can begin to experience your sexuality and each other at a completely different dimension only you and your partner are allowed to explore.

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