How to Create an Updo Like Jennifer Lawrence

How to Create an Updo Like Jennifer Lawrence

Before Jeniffer Lawrence went for the unprecedented hair fame, Mark Townsend a renowned Dove celebrity stylist made three drastic changes on her hair. She is a promotion agent for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part-2’. She has been looking beautiful as compared to her equals in the industry. Having been to most European countries in her promotion job, Jennifer surprised the world early November with her updo with no makeup. It gave the celebrity a red carpet look. This style has gained popularity across board and the following steps can lead you to achieve such.

Jenny cho style

For a look alike updo on freshly cleaned hair, apply mousse that increases the volume of the hair. The leading pack of these mousses is sauve professional’s luxe style infusion volumizingsouffle mousse. Ran this product throughout the hair gently to ensure it touches the hair in its entirety. Let it dry up after that slowly. Once it is dry, spray it with dry shampoo such as the sauve professional shampoo. This will give it the prerequisite grip necessary for braiding and further gives it an airy texture. Make a huge side part of your hair. Work on each half of it at a time. Then make a loose French brain on your hair edges and move it downwards. Using an elastic product secure the worked out hair once you hit the end. Repeat this with the other half. Then coil the two halves in a low-lying knot at the back part of your neck. Use bobby pins to hold it upright. Break up the braids gently using your fingers. Finally, pull a few strands on the face side.

Jennifer Lawrence’s chain updo

For this, you start by securing your hair with rubber or elastic products from the back of your neck or the sides. Pull the band to the last stretch to ensure it is tight enough. Bring on half of your hair forward by creating a loop from thee end that’s loose. Pick up a section of the broad hair formed into a tail, and wrap it in opposing directions. Pin this separately and keep on working on the other subsections. You will have a soft messy romantic feeling. Once the ponytail is worked on fully, put n a light chain round the bun. Through openings of the chain, gently sneak bobby pins on the points you want your hair to drop or hang. Swirl and move it as you desire to achieve your taste. Keep on doing this till you reach the apex of the chain. There you are, you will have achieved a beautifully crafted special event updo similar to that of celebrities lifestyle.

Jennifer Lawrence’s star updo style

Wash your hair gently then massages a handful of your hair to form low side subsections. Apply mouse at the hairlines and ends; this gives amazing results on great volumes. Apply spray that will protect your hair from blow dry. After blow-drying it with a firm round brush, you will get a naturally swept long hair. Using a straightening iron, summon up light waves on the sides and the hair on the periphery. Twisting the styled hair hard will lead to the creation of a natural, casual look. At the back of the neck, tie hair that remains after separating subsections of the hair and then roll it. The twists created will be demarcated by loosely fitted bobby pins thus separating hair strands at the back of the head. After securing your hair with an appropriate lacquer, you are done. You should not get worried of the one or two strands that escape the bobby pins. This is what will make hairstyle effect casual.


Gentle waves, side parting and loosely pinned hair setting are what sent the Paris ‘producers’ guild of the American world’ night spinning. Jennifer Lawrence’s updo was a talking point of the whole event. At the nape were relaxed pinned strands that gave the celebrity lifestyle a new reference. It is quite feminine yet still casual but coupled with appropriate dressing give you a perfect look. The updo is also an ideal summer night party’s hairstyle. Therefore, before planning on appearing at the next pool party, it is utterly important to take a small portion of your time to learn how to create this awesome style. With a hair-brush, a chain, bobby pins, and hair elastic, then you are set to give a try of this amazing trend. There is no reason why you should keep on admiring Jennifer Lawrence’s magnificent look while your hair can give you an exact look. Be that Oscar trending celebrity from your making using the above simple steps.

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