The Calcium Lie II book – Free : Doctors Were WRONG About Calcium

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  1. Glenn on November 9, 2014 says:

    I have about a hundred Kindle books since starting to use food to heal my own aging problems and get off the ill effects of prescription meds. I was very impressed how Dr. Thompson covered the entire spectrum of best foods and alternatives to main stream marketed products. I quit Calcium 4 years ago when I found it implicated in disease as one of the agents in triggering severe and even deadly results. My Mom taught me in 1975 to always take calcium with magnesium, never alone. In 2010 when I began to study supplement types that are best I realized that my mother was duped to take even that blend, though at the time she was reading trusted new research. She got dementia and lived that way about 8 years and I still wonder why. In 2010 I believed in the Magnesium Miracle book I got on Kindle and I make sure to blend greens and stay away from milk. I told my wife I think Calcium is very dangerous and throw it away and never buy it again. Its now approaching 2015 and I am reading the Calcium Lie. Everything it says to do is what my wife and I have been changing our habits to which reinforces to me that Dr. Thompson is not just picking on Calcium, but taking the reader to the whole truth. I also learned many new things from this book to further improve my supplement choices. My family history is death by arterial plaque build up so the cholesterol lie was my first huge discovery and woke me up to know for sure not to trust my HMO doctor. My final point is I feel like I am about 25, less than 1/2 my calendar age. This book is a one stop shop for newbees trying to take control of their aging side effects.

  2. Mamisalami says:

    Dr Thompson has been my physician for the past year and a half and I am ever so lucky to have found him. My health started deteriorating in my 30’s with fibroid tumors and subsequent anemia. At age 46, I had a hysterectomy and everything went downhill from there. Finally, at 51, I have energy, stamina, less pain and fatigue, and an overall sense of well-being. Knowing exactly what my body was missing and working towards balanced ratios of minerals has GREATLY improved how I perform on a daily basis. Exercise alone was not working, dieting a waste of my time. This is RIGHT ON information for everyone. I now look forward to every day and wake refreshed and ready. Bio-identical hormones, addressing adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism, along with mineral supplements tailored to my needs has changed my life. If you value your health, start here with information that will change your outlook on nutrition, our health system, and your vitamin regimine.

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